29 pcs drill bits set

Size: 1/16 à 1/2 x 64


Product Description

Size: 1/16 à 1/2 x 64

Produces high quality exclusive PROTOTAL
Perce 20 times more than an ordinary drill holes
Sharp peak at 135 ° without starting hole (punch)
High resistance to breakage
Extremely flexible and powerful
Ideal for drilling stainless steel, standard steel and aluminum
Can penetrate hardened steel up to 58 Rockwell
Special grooves Angle
Rod 3 course on diameters from 3/16 to 1/2 for a better grip
Covered with a mixture of cobalt and titanium to reduce friction caused by heat
Can be used with a portable drill and drill
Can be used in high and low speed high-tech product manufactured exclusively in the United States